Attracting Generational Talent to Work for Your Company

Attracting Generational Talent to Work for Your Company

Attracting Generational Talent to Work for Your Company

Diversity and inclusion continue to be embraced in the workplace, with many companies hiring job applicants from various backgrounds and walks of life. As a recruitment professional, you might encounter candidates with different personalities and qualifications. But one characteristic that stands out is age.

The modern workforce is now seeing the coexistence of four generations—Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Each generation offers a unique blend of skills, perspectives, and career goals. To keep up with job market trends, organizations must rethink their strategies for attracting generational talent.

Hiring generational talent may require a more nuanced approach but there are effective ways to entice job seekers, no matter their age. Let’s talk about how to improve your recruitment process so you can fully leverage the potential of every age group.

What Is Generational Talent?

Generational talent refers to the inclusion and integration of employees from various age groups. Each generational pool has its own values, experiences, and work styles. By harnessing the collective strengths of generations, companies can drive growth, enhance problem-solving, and meet the demands of their respective industries.

Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964)

Although much of this generation is either retired or nearing retirement, Baby Boomers still make up a significant portion of today’s workforce. Baby Boomers often hold senior or consultancy roles. They are known for their strong work ethic, loyalty, and experience. They typically value job security and long-term commitment to one company. In terms of their work habits and communication style, Baby Boomers prefer traditional communication methods, such as face-to-face meetings and phone calls.

Baby Boomers also strongly believe in the concept of giving back and continuing to contribute professionally. In fact, some of them are planning to or are currently working well past 65—not out of necessity or financial reasons but simply because they love their jobs and don’t want to retire. They value recognition for their expertise and the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to younger generations.

To attract Baby Boomer talents, consider providing the following:

  • Healthcare benefits and retirement plans
  • Flexible work options for work-life balance
  • Opportunities for professional development and mentorship

recruited baby boomer working

Generation X (Born 1965-1980)

This generation has witnessed and experienced the most significant societal and technological shifts. They are considered the backbone of the workforce and normally hold the most senior or managerial positions. Gen X is also often referred to as the “sandwich generation” since they are responsible for caring for their aging parents and their own children. As a result, they have developed unique values and priorities in life.

Gen X are known to be independent, resourceful, and adaptable. They appreciate direct communication and meaningful feedback, actively seeking opportunities to expand their skill sets. Gen X also value autonomy and prefer to focus on their own work. As a results-oriented age group, they want their work to speak for itself and do not appreciate being micromanaged. Gen X also prioritizes work-life balance and strives to find harmony between their career goals and personal responsibilities.

Consider providing the following benefits to attracting generational talents from this age group:

  • Flexible working options, such as hybrid/remote setup, condensed hours, and part-time work
  • Health and wellness coverage, including preventive care, health and fitness discounts or memberships, food delivery services, etc.
  • Financial and retirement planning

Gen X employee mentoring a younger employee

Millennials (Born 1981-1996)

Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Many Millennials have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and are driven by finding meaningful work that aligns with their values. Although financial fulfillment is a strong motivator, they also seek opportunities that offer personal and professional growth.

In terms of their communication style, Millennials are tech-savvy and prefer digital communication such as texts and emails. They also favor flexible work arrangements allowing them to pursue their other passions and interests outside their day jobs. The key to hiring Millennial talent is honoring work-life integration.

Here are other strategies to attract Millennials to your company:

  • Career and skills development, including mentorship programs
  • Advocacy programs or volunteer opportunities
  • Flexible working schedules and hybrid or remote working options
  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Collaboration and feedback
  • Use of technology in the workplace

millenial on a job interview

Generation Z (Born 1997-2012)

Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z or Zoomers are the youngest generation in the workforce and will continue to be for the next few years. Gen Z are digital natives, entrepreneurial, and socially conscious. They bring fresh perspectives and are quick to adapt to new technologies.

Having entered adulthood in a unique time of digital innovation, globalization, and diversity, Gen Z brings a vibrant energy and curiosity that no other generation can. They are also known for their creativity and problem-solving skills.

To hire and retain Gen Z in the workplace, consider providing the following:

  • Flexible working schedules
  • Social activities and face-to-face office time
  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Career and skills development
  • In-house collaboration and feedback
  • Mental health benefits

Understanding the distinct characteristics of each generation is essential for targeted recruitment and retention. By recognizing and addressing the diverse needs of generational talent, companies can create a more inclusive workplace that attracts top talent from any age group.

Gen Z hires working together

How to Attract Generational Talent

The ability to engage and retain a workforce that spans multiple generations requires more than just a commitment to inclusive hiring practices. The key lies in ensuring that your recruitment process is streamlined yet resonates with candidates of all ages.

Here are ways to effectively attract generational talent to your organization:

Use Modern Recruitment Technologies

Recruitment and employee onboarding can be difficult with human effort alone. Utilizing advanced recruitment technologies such as recruitment software can significantly streamline the hiring process by automating tasks.

Here are the benefits of a recruitment and applicant CRM software:

  • Boosts job postings across top job sites
  • Manages a large volume of applications
  • Reduces time-to-hire
  • Makes informed data-driven hiring decisions

Address Universal Work Needs

Generational talent may have unique needs and goals, but they also have a common ground. Workers across age groups seek out something new for the same reasons. If you want to attract generational talent, addressing universal work needs is just as important as tailoring your approach to each generation.

These are job requirements that hold true for all employees, whether they’re 25 or 60:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Inclusive and respectful workplace culture
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Purpose-driven and meaningful work

scheduling a work calendar

Engage in Passive Recruitment

Passive recruitment involves identifying and engaging potential candidates who are not actively seeking new job opportunities but may be interested enough for a conversation. This is a proactive approach that allows companies to connect with high-caliber candidates that you wouldn’t usually find through traditional methods. Passive recruitment provides you with access to a larger talent pool and the chance to build long-term relationships with candidates who may job hunt in the future.

Consider these strategies for passive recruitment so you can tap into a broader range of professionals:

  • Social media engagement (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Industry events (Industry conferences, seminars, and networking events)
  • Employee referral programs
  • Content marketing
  • Talent pipeline for future opportunities (CRM systems, continuous networking, and internship/fellowship programs)

Implement a Mentorship Program

Pairing experienced employees with new hires will foster a collaborative environment that transcends age barriers. Younger generations will gain valuable insights and skills from seasoned mentors, while more tenured employees will have a greater sense of fulfillment and professional growth. Simultaneously, older generations benefit from fresh perspectives and tech competency. It’s a win-win situation! This collaboration enhances overall productivity and harmony across the company.

ongoing mentorship session

Adapt to Generational Preferences

Personalized recruitment strategies can cater to generational differences. Adapting your recruitment efforts to appeal to each generational pool is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. By doing so, you’ll create a workplace where different age groups coexist harmoniously and work towards the same goals for your company.

Here are some tips on attracting generational talent:

Clear and Concise Job Descriptions

Baby Boomers and Gen X value job security and stability, so make sure that your job postings emphasize tenure. Use language that highlights “long-term opportunities,” “established company,” and a clear organizational structure. Millennials and Gen Z prefer a detailed list of job responsibilities and an accurate salary range posted.

Right Communication Channels

Baby Boomers prefer job postings in print advertisements, industry magazines, and community networking events. Personalize your messaging by showing appreciation for their years of experience. Meanwhile, the more tech-savvy generations will be easier to reach via online platforms. Focus on the ways in which your company supports work-life integration.

Tailored Interview Process

Baby Boomers appreciate a more structured interview that focuses on their experience and their contribution to the company’s long-term vision. For Gen X and Millennials, offer flexibility in the process so they can choose between virtual or in-person interviews. For Gen Z, incorporate tasks or situational interview questions to assess their behavior and problem-solving skills.

Tailored Interview Process

Improve the Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience from application to onboarding fosters strong employer branding and retention. A smooth employee onboarding process ensures that new hires feel comfortable and valued in the new environment while being able to perform their duties effectively. Most employees don’t want to be micromanaged, but Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z do appreciate regular feedback so they can make the necessary adjustments to their work. Continuous engagement and feedback during onboarding sets realistic expectations for everyone and enhances job satisfaction in the long term.

Hire Qualified Generational Talent with Skillfuel

Hiring generational talent requires a strategic approach to recruitment. By focusing on the competencies and preferences of every age group, companies can build high-performing and dynamic teams that drive productivity and success.

Unlock the potential of Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z by partnering with Skillfiel. Our resources are designed to help you attract and hire the most qualified generational talent effortlessly. From state-of-the-art recruitment software to referral tracking, we equip businesses with tools that meet the needs of every generation.

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