Skillfuel: The Fuel for Your HR Team

Skillfuel is a user-friendly hiring platform that easily integrates all of your favorite web-based HR tools. We provide hiring teams and in-house recruiters with efficient ways to find more qualified candidates, helping them identify and hire the best talent.

We started the same way you did — scanning through piles of resumes and scrolling down bottomless email threads. We roughed it out with giant spreadsheets and clunky applicant tracking software, all while struggling to coordinate interviews and provide feedback. At some point, a light bulb went on in our minds. Surely, we can make software that makes the hiring process simpler, quicker and more effective.

And now here we are: Skillfuel is extremely powerful, yet surprisingly simple. Built for HR teams, we help build tomorrow’s greatest companies.

Organizations that use our software get from recruitment to offer letter faster due to automated tools that source and suggest candidates, streamline the recruitment process, and simplify decision making.

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