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Improve your hiring process by identifying bottlenecks and fixing them with the right solution. Our applicant tracking software adopts the Kanban method so you hire the right talents as fast as possible, every time.

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Keep all the resumes in one place, find top candidates faster

With Skillfuel, you can receive and keep all the resumes in one place. Stay organized and narrow your applicant pool by using keyword features to find top candidates for a certain position.

Adopting the Kanban principle, our automated applicant tracking system makes resume evaluation faster and easier. It cuts down the time you need to spend during the first phase of recruitment, giving you more time to spend on applicant interviews. Now you can fully assess if candidates are the perfect match for the job and company.

Share resumes and notes online, hire better as a team

Skillfuel makes the hiring process better and easier. It comes with features and tools that make it easy to gather input or notes online from team members about a candidate at any stage of the recruitment process.

These easy-to-use features keep things moving without drops in communication, Skillfuel helps ensure everyone involved in the hiring process is on the same page. Your team creates a more consistent process make hiring decisions clearer and more objective.

Analytics Data

Track more applicant data, optimize recruitment processes

Staying true to the Kanban method, our applicant tracking software allows you to monitor vital hiring data and use it to make continuous improvements to your processes. Maximize hiring success with Skillfuel.

With 24/7 access to the software, you’re able to recruit anytime, anywhere — you can also monitor and interpret data to increase your candidate conversions. You can assess your team’s activities and evaluate their hiring success for different job positions. From there, you can optimize your recruitment processes.

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