Skillfuel’s Job Interview Scheduling & Tracking Software

Skillfuel’s Candidate Interview Scheduling and Management Software helps eliminate back-and-forth emails and time-intensive phone calls. It’s one of the many features within Skillfuel’s Online Recruitment Management Software.

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What Makes Automated Interview Scheduling Better

A recruiting interview scheduling tool is one of the top recruitment technologies today as it delivers many distinct advantages for both HR teams and candidates. With a candidate scheduling software, you can schedule interviews with applicants easily and hassle-free. Say goodbye to manual scheduling and prolonged application processes with Skillfuel’s automated scheduling software.


1. Increases recruiter efficiency

Time spent per hire adds up but automated interview scheduling is proven to save up 50 minutes per applicant, allowing you to allocate more time to important tasks. It also cuts down on human error such as overlapping interview times, double-booking interviews, and inaccurately recorded human information.

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2. Elevates participation

With features like automatic reminders, you can keep all of your candidates and members of the hiring team on track for interview times. Our candidate interview scheduling software also keeps the recruitment process moving along with auto-reminders sent to hiring managers for feedback on specific candidates.


3. Improves the candidate experience

An interview scheduling software eliminates the back-and-forth time that annoys candidates and steals recruiters’ time from strategic work. The program acts as a virtual recruiting assistant that manages everyone’s schedules and it also gives candidates the power to choose an interview time that fits into their schedule. This makes it more flexible and convenient for your potential hire.

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What Does Skillfuel's Interview Scheduling Software Do?

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Interview Day Scheduling

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and eliminate hours of manual work with our job interview scheduling software. You can schedule complex interviews in seconds and empower your team to hire faster, work more strategically, and impress the best talent.

Manage Interviewer Availability

Our candidate interview scheduling and management software eliminates scheduling confusion or double-booked appointments, allowing all interviewers to sync their calendars or set their own availability.

Effective Candidate Communication

Increase engagement with your candidates through clear communication and RSVP management. This helps your hiring team avoid unprepared candidates and interview disasters.

Experience the power of Skillfuel to enhance your end-to-end recruitment.

Acquire better qualified candidates, create a better applicant experience, and hire more efficiently with automated applicant tracking.

How does the Candidate Interview Scheduling software work?

1. Set up your interviewing schedule

Simply set up your interview calendar and let your applicants pick a time. We’ll take care of the rest!

2. Interviewer selection

Select interviewers yourself or you can let Skillfuel pick for you! Skillfuel will choose the most optimal set of interviewers based on their skill sets and attributes.

3. Candidates Choose a Time

Managing the recruiting process becomes easier with Skillfuel’s interview scheduling tool, which integrates with the calendars of interviewers to provide real-time availability. Candidates select their preferred date/time and if necessary, they can even reschedule before their interview.

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4. Calendar & ATS Syncing

As soon as candidates select their date/time for their interviews, Skillfuel automatically syncs with your ATS and everyone’s calendars so that there’s full visibility. This makes sure that everyone’s on the same page.

5. Roundups and debriefs

Ensure candidate feedback is quickly captured by automatically adding roundups and debrief meetings after the interviews.

Ready to join the automation revolution and make interviews more stress-free for everyone?

Our pricing model for the Skillfuel Recruitment Management Tool depends on your usage and the features you request. This gives you complete flexibility to pay according to your requirements. For more information about our free trial and pricing, sign up with us today.

What makes Skillfuel's Interview Scheduling Software different?

Fast adoption

Our candidate scheduling software is intuitive and user-friendly, making it quick and simple for your entire hiring team to adopt the platform. Team members can sync calendars easily to avoid conflicts in scheduling and set up interviews faster with little to no delays.

Centralized location

Skillfuel’s interview scheduling software offers a centralized location for recruiters to accumulate comments, feedback, or ratings on each candidate — eliminating back-and-forth of emails.

Seamless integration with ATS

Our entire recruiting management and interview scheduling tool can be used immediately after set-up. From posting jobs and managing resumes to tracking applicants and scheduling interviews, you’ll find great talent quickly with Skillfuel.

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