Free Web Based Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Software

Accelerate your hiring process with a recruitment solution that streamlines workflows and gets you the right candidates at the right time. Completely free to get you started as you grow your business.

Free HR Applicant Recruitment Software: The Better Way to Hire People

Skillfuel’s powerful recruitment software gives you the hiring tools you need to organize each step of the recruitment process in one place. When you sign up with us today, you gain free access to all these amazing free online recruitment tools:

Applicant Tracking System

Get a professional applicant tracking system for your HR team where you can manage the recruitment process in one intuitive dashboard. Keep track of the best candidates easily and discuss them with your teams.

Employee Referral Tracking

Automate the distribution and tracking of referred candidates to provide a seamless experience for your recruiters. You can also consolidate all the profiles of employee referrals in a single database.

Interview Scheduler

Eliminate long email threads and time-consuming phone calls with or job interview scheduler. Easily manage interviewer and interviewee availability with automated invites and reminders.

Job Portal Development

Skillfuel’s free online recruitment software includes a customizable job portal so you can encourage inbound applicants and strengthen your employer branding.

Social Media Recruitment

Automate social posting and drive qualified job seekers from Facebook and Linkedin directly to your Careers page. With a single click, you ensure consistent messaging across all social media channels.

Get your free account today to start hiring better! It’s risk-free and easy.

Why is Skillfuel Free to Use?

With so many recruitment software offerings on the market, it’s often difficult for companies to choose a solution that meets their needs during both their startup days and in times of massive growth. Most recruitment software platforms either frustrate HR teams with overly complex features or cost too much to justify the benefits.

Skillfuel is different. As a free recruitment management software, it’s designed to offer hiring teams with a simple yet powerful recruitment CRM that focuses on ease-of-use and smart decision making. We don’t force you to sign up for features you’re unlikely to use. Our main mission is to connect you with the best candidates with access to features that streamline your hiring process. If you want to upgrade, the ball is entirely on your court.

Benefits of a Free Recruitment and Applicant CRM Software​

No matter what industry you’re in, a recruitment software is a must-have for any business. See how our free HR recruitment software helps small businesses grow their company and multi-national enterprises attract the best talent.

Attract more candidates with less time and effort

Boost candidate numbers while Skillfuel does the heavy lifting with fast and simple job publishing across top job sites and social media channels like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Branded careers pages
  • One-click job posting to multiple job boards
  • Easy tracking of candidates and employee referrals

Automate manual tasks to speed up processes

Save yourself, your HR team, and your candidates time and effort with our free HR recruitment software tools that are built to automate hiring.  The tools ensure that everyone is completely in sync with each step of the recruitment process.

  • Instantly and easily search for candidates in your entire database
  • Nurture candidates through your pipeline
  • Schedule interviews and send invites in no time

Organize your hiring workflow in one place

Effortlessly manage candidates and automate hiring with bulk actions. You can also use filtered search options to find a specific candidate in seconds and consolidate all applicant files in one profile.

  • Seamlessly track hundreds of candidates
  • Upload all candidate files in one location
  • Collaborate easily with other team members to discuss candidates

Make informed data-driven decisions

Develop a smart candidate selection process with our free online recruitment software. From application all the way to post-interview, all the tools will ensure you select only the most qualified candidates.

  • Make better decisions with valuable data
  • Decrease cost-per-hire
  • Reduce employee churn & time-to-fill

Improve Your Recruitment Process
Today with Skillfuel

As a free recruitment management software, Skillfuel lets you improve your recruitment process by letting you do all hiring-related tasks in one place. No more confusing spreadsheets and manual documents to keep track of all your candidates. From the moment candidates apply, your recruitment team can email, track and manage them in Skillfuel, making it easier and more efficient to hire great talent.

Recruiting is a team sport. Skillfuel makes collaboration a breeze with an intuitive and user-friendly platform, interview schedules, social media automation and more.

Sign up to get the software today.

Ready to Use Skillfuel?

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