Recruiting Software that Accelerates Growth for Small Companies

Managing the recruitment process is hard, but not impossible. Skillfuel helps small business owners build an amazing team from the ground up, free of charge.

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The Competitive Advantage of Online Recruitment and Applicant Software for SMB

The size of a company is no longer an indication of its need to invest in recruitment software. It’s simply an investment that will reap big returns in terms of collaboration, efficiency, and compliance. Luckily for those with tighter budgets and limited IT resources, there are always free online recruitment tools with industry-leading functionality.

Enter Skillfuel. Skillfuel is a free ATS software for recruiters, specially designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, including SMBs. It helps hiring teams hire and manage the best candidates, from posting listings on job boards and screening applicants all the way to scheduling interviews and evaluating top talent.

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Skillfuel’s Top Notch Tools that Make Hiring A Breeze

Our free recruitment software for small companies is equipped with the following amazing features:

Easily search applicants’ profiles in your database and central repository of applications and resumes. With candidate management tools, you can keep track of each candidate’s progress in the recruitment life-cycle.

In one beautiful UI, you can easily manage your employee referrals and employee incentives to keep everyone in the loop.

Increase recruiter efficiency with automated interview scheduling and cut down on human errors such as double bookings, overlapping interview times, and inaccurate candidate information records.

Create customizable career pages that are easy to build, user-friendly, and visually attractive. You’ll showcase your company’s positive image and inspire top talent to apply.

With a single click, your recruitment team can schedule and send posts to multiple social media channels and ensure consistent recruitment messaging across all platforms.

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Skillfuel: The Free Recruiting Software for Startups and Small Businesses

Businesses of every size have many pain points but small companies in particular face a number of more nuanced challenges:

  • No dedicated HR staff – Many startups and small companies have only one recruiter or assign hiring tasks to a single in-house HR administrator. In either scenario, a single person handles multiple responsibilities that can burn them out or cause many human errors.
  • Record-keeping and compliance – HR regulations are always in constant flux. Small businesses must balance recruitment processes with record-keeping etiquette, which can result in piles of work and overtime. If you only have a file cabinet in your office, this is sure to result in delays in the hiring process.
  • Employee attrition – If you don’t have an efficient and streamlined recruitment process in place and a strategy for investing in talent, you can lose qualified applicants to competitors that offer a better candidate experience.

With Skillfuel’s free recruitment software for small agencies, we eliminate the bottlenecks listed above. Skillfuel is specially designed to alleviate the recruitment pain points of small businesses by automating candidate management, job posting, record-keeping, and even interview scheduling. This gives your hiring team more time to engage the best candidates until they get to onboard them. When you secure top talent in your organization, it won’t be long before you face massive business growth.

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Supercharge Your Recruitment Efforts with Skillfuel

When you start using free recruitment tracking software, you’ll instantly lighten the load of your recruitment and HR teams. Instead of endless spreadsheets, overflowing inboxes, and piles of resumes, Skillfuel will take all those parts and place them into one easy medium so you have a more effective and efficient recruitment process. With everything consolidated in one location, automation is a no-brainer and your recruitment team can minimize the time spent on administrative tasks and focus on identifying the best candidates.

Additionally, when it comes to recruitment, collaboration ensures that the each team member contributes to the process instead of having one individual sift through all the resumes and interview feedback. From sharing notes to delegating tasks, recruitment software makes it easier and faster for multiple members in your hiring team to partake in hiring process.

If you have a one-man hiring team, the free ATS software for recruiters will ultimately make it easier for him/her to manage each applicant that sends a resume. From screening candidates to interview scheduling to making the offer, recruitment software makes the entire process more streamlined, providing your recruiter more time to onboard top talent.


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