How To Speed Up Your Hiring Process and Talent Acquisition

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When it comes to recruiting, time and speed are of the essence. The recruitment process can be a long and tiring process when it is drawn out. That’s why many recruiters continue to ask how to speed up their hiring process.

A faster hiring process is incredibly beneficial for your company. Not only do you conserve time, energy, and resources, you also get to hire and absorb skilled candidates faster. So how can you hire faster without sacrificing your appraisal?

In this article, we list down suggestions to help you strategize your recruitment process:

How To Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

There are a lot of ways that you can speed up your hiring process–but ensuring that you maintain quality is another important aspect. Hiring managers have to take into account the different nuances of their industry, as well as their company culture. Some will even have specific recruitment strategies for difficult positions. Today, recruiters continue to innovate and improve on their hiring process.

While each company will have a different process, here are some tips and tricks that many companies implemented to help them speed up their hiring process:

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Create A Good Job Advert

The job-hunting process usually starts with a posting. A job posting is how you announce to potential applicants that you are hiring for a specific position. A well-written job posting can attract stellar candidates, but a problematic advert can drive away candidates altogether.

When you post your job advertisement, it should focus on conveying three things:

  • The basic competencies of the position
  • Job description and responsibilities
  • The advantages and benefits of joining your company

The first two help applicants know the basics of the job. It lets them have a surface understanding of the position, so they can adjust their expectations. On the recruiter’s side, the first two points help you identify which of the candidates are most qualified in terms of skill or technical experience.

The third point on the other hand helps you. When you post a job advert, you’re not just attempting to connect with those looking for a job. You also want to compel skilled individuals who are already working to apply. This is why it’s important to write your job postings in a way that frames your company as a better option.

A poorly written job advert will considerably lessen the speed of your hiring process. The less qualified applicants you have, the more difficult it is for you to move to the next part of your hiring process. Ensuring that you have an engaging and creative job posting is the first step in achieving a faster hiring process.

Pick The Optimal Job Boards

It’s not just about posting a compelling job posting. You also need to be seen by the people you want to apply to your company. This means posting your job advertisements on the right channels or job boards.

You can post your job advertisements on more general sites, like Glassdoor and CareerBuilder, or niche sites in your industry. If you’re a frontrunner in your industry, utilizing a Careers page can also be optimal. This is how you ensure that you reach the right people.

A good practice is to cross-post job listings over these channels. Take note which channels garner the highest success rates and keep them in mind when your hiring process starts again.

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Utilize Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool and it can definitely help you speed up your hiring process.

Aside from the usual career search sites, cross-posting your job advertisement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or even Twitter lets you inform a wider populace. Considering the number of users on these channels, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll get the traction you want.

The most important thing about social recruiting is to leave an email they can send their applications to. You don’t want them to send in their applications via DMs! Make sure to clearly state your hiring process, especially where they can send their applications.

Use A Software For Candidate Screening

Having a flurry of applications can get overwhelming really quick. It also makes the vital step of screening your applicants even more difficult. That’s why automating your candidate management can really help speed up your hiring process.

The best way to ease the load of this step is to utilize a recruiting software which will sieve through the candidate’s applications. Recruitment software picks out resumes and CVs that match the parameters a recruiter sets. Finally, using a software removes the recruiter’s unconscious bias–making the recruitment process as fair as possible.

Automate Your Hiring Process

Candidate screening isn’t the only step in the hiring process. Recruiters have a lot of things on their plate and very little time on their hands. Sometimes, there may not be enough recruiters to keep the hiring process at full steam ahead.

Automating your process can greatly lighten the load on the recruitment team’s shoulders. An online applicant tracking software takes care of the administrative tasks and frees up the hiring manager’s time. But aside from tracking applicants, you can also send emails, write job descriptions, and do the other parts of the hiring process with an automated system.

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Optimize Your Interviews

Interviews are an essential part of any hiring process. If there’s one thing you can’t speed up, it’s definitely quality interviews. But that’s why making sure that your interviews are efficient and streamlined is important.

The job interviews are necessary to get to know your candidates. Aside from technical skills, you also need to measure the emotional intelligence, attitude, temperaments, and eagerness to learn. That’s why interviews should never be a skipped step in the hiring process.

Keeping your interview process flexible and dynamic makes the most of this step. A tool that can really help you in this step is a job interview scheduling software. This lets you take note of dates and the respective candidates you’ll be interviewing, allowing you to schedule accordingly.

How Long Should The Hiring Process Take?

The average length of a hiring process in the US is 23.8 days. Of course, this varies depending on a number of factors, including state, position, and industry. If you think you should speed up your hiring process, then you should refer to the objective conditions and standards of your company and industry.

How Long Is Too Long For The Hiring Process?

A good rule of thumb is to always look at the average hiring process length. In the US, it can usually take 22-48 days. If your hiring process is longer than that, then it might be time to look at how you can tweak things for a faster hiring process.

Recruiting Faster And More Efficiently

Finding new employees can be extremely difficult, especially with the newer positions and expertise popping up. Now more than ever, a faster hiring process can be beneficial for your company’s wellbeing. After all, you want to be able to have the best employees on board.

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