When jobseekers apply for a position, the recruitment process is a no-brainer. They hand in their resume, show up in sleek attire, answer a set of questions from the interviewee, and wait for a call. It’s simple, fuss-free, and fills in vacancies easily.

Some companies, however, are taking recruitment one step further and adding extra steps to make sure they attract the right candidate. Even if it makes the recruitment process more complicated, the result more than makes up for it — you land an employee that’s loyal, skilled, and fits in perfectly with your company culture.

If you’re reviewing and revamping your recruitment and selection process, take notes from these brand giants and learn how they effectively separate the wheat from the chaff.

Case 1: Google’s Team Approval Strategy

In most companies, once a point person — often the hiring manager — approves the candidate, he or she is hired.

Google isn’t like most companies, however. Before you could enter the famed Googleplex, you have to be approved by a hiring committee; hiring decisions are made through a consensus of the team, which comprises leaders in the specific department that needs the job position. The members that serve on the committee rotate for three to six months.

Although reaching a consensus slows down the hiring process, Google believes that it’s the best way to find the right employee. Speaking to CNBC, Google staffing lead and senior recruiter Lisa Stern Haynes said that teams with diverging opinions ;generate less biased decisions, which means the recruitment becomes more objective and meticulous.

Case 2: Walmart’s Search for Different Personality Traits


In 2019, Walmart employed an astounding 2,200,000 employees across the world. Because of the diversity of their workforce, the company employs a stratified approach to programs. Each Walmart store has its own dedicated HR managers, who interpret the HR policies according to the needs of its employees, taking into account factors like religion, local customs, and training methods.

Some tenets of recruitment are universal, however. Amy Goldfinger, senior vice president of talent acquisition at Walmart, recommends hiring people that are different from you. That is, the recruitment managers at Walmart steer clear of the airport test (choose an employee you won’t mind getting stuck in an airport with).

If you choose people that aren’t like you or your team members, you’ll get diverse perspectives that will make your company stronger.

Case 3: Taco Bell’s Social Media Tactics

Taco Bell is a social media superstar. The Taco Bell Careers page on Facebook has over 119,000 likes and 115,000 followers. With albums upon albums showing the fun atmosphere at the restaurant, who wouldn’t want to enjoy life in a Mexican fast food chain?

Employees post photos of themselves while in their Taco Bell uniforms. The page stirs discussions about their favorite part of working at Taco Bell. Strategies like these pique the interest of potential candidates and consequently, increase the pool of applicants.

Some might argue that conventional recruitment processes work just fine. But with a new breed of employees focused on work-life balance and faced with abundant employer options, you have to step up your game.

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