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Expand your database of potential candidates by adding inbound recruitment to your hiring strategies. Use Skillfuel as a recruitment marketing automation tool to find talents through relevant content and job posts. With just a few clicks, you can publish job postings on your website, job boards, and even social media.

Our program’s social media integration lets you schedule and publish job postings and employer branding content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are powerful channels that bring you closer to both active and passive candidates. Those who aren’t actively looking for a career move may not be on job boards or career sites, but they are likely to be on Facebook. Tap and nurture them through Skillfuel.

Simplify job sharing, get more referrals

Our recruitment marketing automation software simplifies job sharing for both recruiters and other employees. The referral link feature allows employees to share job postings on their social media accounts. They just register their work email on Skillfuel, find a posting, and click the share button — it’s as easy as sharing the latest viral Facebook video or retweeting a trending twitter thread.

With Skillfuel, you can easily track the referrer and match them to a candidate application. This helps make awarding referral incentives simpler and faster, keeping employees motivated to share your job openings. With the rest of your organization participating in your recruitment efforts, it becomes more efficient and laser-focused in finding the right talent.

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