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Add consistency and ease the workload of your HR team by automating the repetitive manual tasks in your end-to-end recruitment. Skillfuel is a recruitment automation software that gets the job done smartly.

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Simplify resume screening, schedule more interviews

Resume screening is still one of the most time-consuming parts of recruiting. On average, a recruiter spends 23 hours screening resumes for a single hire. Automate this task and save time.

Skillfuel comes with easy-to-use features to integrate resume screening, interview scheduling, candidate communications, and other day-to-day processes all in one place. This liberates more time for interviews, evaluating candidates for job positions and cultural fit.

Post and get real-time updates, collaborate better with your team

With Skillfuel, you and your team can digitize interview notes and share real-time updates. Endorsing qualified candidates for the next stage of the recruitment process becomes much smoother.

Our automated hiring software also allows you to track different applicants and compare their interview performance to make better hiring decisions. With this capability, you don’t only make hiring more efficient for the HR team but also for the departments or vendors seeking to fill a vacant position in their units.


Cut down hiring time, create a better candidate experience

An automated hiring process doesn’t only benefit recruiters but candidates as well. By simplifying certain steps in the recruitment process, you can create a better experience for all your candidates.

Make the first touchpoint with your brand or organization a positive experience. With shorter hiring time and streamlined activities, candidates get faster responses. They don’t have to wait as long for a hiring decision. Start strong and create the right impression on the right candidates.

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